Castle Creek Pharma employs a unique strategy in selective asset identification and capital efficient development that is driving the company to become one of the industry’s most prolific developers of innovative and high potential late stage assets for the treatment of conditions with the greatest medical need.

Who We Are

Castle Creek Pharma is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company founded by an experienced team of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs.  We have rapidly assembled a robust and diversified late stage pipeline of innovative and high potential products in rare and serious genetic diseases. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships that we have forged with our key partners in industry, academia and patient based organizations, which have been instrumental in helping us to advance our products rapidly in development.

What We Do

The mission of Castle Creek Pharma is to develop and commercialize high potential specialty drugs to make a life-changing impact on patients with the greatest medical need.  Often these are orphan opportunities that are neglected by other companies in the industry.  We are creative thinkers who pride ourselves on creating opportunity from the risks and challenges inherent in drug development and in the complexity of the pharmaceutical markets.

All of the diseases that Castle Creek Pharma’s products target are serious, debilitating and often life threatening, and the products that Castle Creek Pharma is developing are on track to be the first or among the first drugs ever approved for the conditions they target.

Greatest Medical Need

  • At Castle Creek Pharma we focus on developing and commercializing new treatment options for patients with the highest unmet medical need. Many of the drugs that we are developing will be the first and only approved treatments for the diseases and conditions that they target. We work closely with patients, their families, physicians and payers to understand these conditions and the struggles these patients face on a daily basis. We look to clinical experience and scientific data to inform our drug development strategies and we aggressively pursue development of those treatment options that can make the most difference in patients’ lives.

Creative Opportunity

  • We pride ourselves on creating opportunities where other companies do not, whether the markets may be too small or non-existent today, whether the patents may be too weak or non-existent, or manufacturing, marketing and distribution may be too complex or expensive. We recognize these challenges and embrace them, and make it our mission to find creative ways to overcome them.

Late Stage, Strong Science

  • We focus on late stage product opportunities that have a strong scientific rationale and show great promise as potential life changing drugs for patients in the near term.  We invest aggressively to advance these products through development and get them to market rapidly so we can make them available to the patients who need them.

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